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Hi everyone, this video we are going to work out how long our Instagram video needs to be, then we're going to add this little marker here, so that we don't go past it, let me show you how.

To set the length of our sequence we need to figure out how long our little Instagram (Square) video can be. You end up doing things like this, you go into, oh, side note, follow me on Instagram, bringyourownlaptop. You'd end up doing stuff like this, how long can an Instagram video be? I've added the word 'Feed', because you can actually do videos for like ads, for Instagram, so you got to be careful you're doing the right length.

So, for ads are different from feed, I think the feed videos can be 60 seconds, but stories, they can only be 15 seconds, if you can spell and write. So just have a little look through, figure out what they are, at the moment they have changed. They change frequently enough.

So I know it is one minute or 60 seconds. Now what I want to do is to make sure I didn't go over that, is I want to, down here, is to go into 60 seconds, and set a little marker. So what we're going to do is get our CTI pretty close. You can see here, remember it's-- this last one is frames, we've set ours to 25 frames/second. So every second can be broken down into 25 little bits. So that's what this last unit is, you're worried about this one, this is seconds, that's minutes, that's hours. Frames is a second broken up.

So we want to find something close to, I want to get it to 60. It's going to toggle over, it's a little bit too far, so it's too much. So what we do is just zoom in a little bit, okay, zoom, zoom, zoom, and you get a really, like finite, if you zoom in far enough, you can see I can get it perfectly on one minute or 60 seconds.

Now what we want to do is set a marker. The shortcut is just tapping 'M' on the keyboard, so M, for mother, and you get this little marker here, that's your like visual reference. So markers, you can, up here you can 'Add Marker', that's the long way. So that's how you add a little marker to say, don't go past this. Now what I want to do is I want to zoom out a little bit. I'm going to hit backslash, ' \ ', and I'm going to add some footage. So the footage we brought in a little while ago, well, we at least moved it to another folder, so you can double click this dark area down here, in my Project Window, or go to 'File', 'Import', and under-- we made a new folder on Desktop, BYOL, it's under Footage, in Ink. If you didn't do that you can find out under Exercise Files, Social Media, and under Footage, either one we want.

I'm going to grab this one. Bring it in, handy, it's the same frames/second, but let's drag it down onto our Timeline, on to v1, and it's going to say, "Hey, I'm the wrong shape." "You've got a square, I'm a rectangle," because everything that gets recorded is a rectangle. So what you got to decide is, do I want to keep my settings, or do I want to change it to match my video, you're like, "No, no, no, I made you square for a reason," and you can see, happy days, it's not past a minute. That brings up a good point, it's not like a target, it is a limit. So mine is only going to be about this. What's the end-- holding 'Shift', so 24 seconds plus a few frames, or lots of frames.

So I'm just going to make it that long because that's how long my video is. I could try and extend it out but that's actually going to work for me. So I'm going to hit my-- have a little look at it. It's a strange old video I got from Pixabay. Yeah, that's a skull, with ink coming down on it, anyway. Let's hit our backslash key, ' \ ' to fill it all up, and what I'd like to do in this particular one, is I want it to kind of loop, videos can loop on Instagram, so I want it to kind of fade out and fade in at the beginning.

So I'm going to use my 'Effects', I'm going to type in here. You'll notice that I always use the search, instead of kind of looking through all of these things. I just do a search at the top, it's up to you. So under 'Video Transitions', 'Dissolve', 'Dip to Black' at the beginning, 'Dip to Black' at the end, and it's just going to fade in, and when it gets to the end, and when it loops back around, I'm going to come back around to the beginning.

One last thing we'll do is we'll actually just get this in the right size. So ours is actually perfect in the middle, but let's have a little look, because square is a weird shape, let's have a look, our Project Window, actually no, let's have our 'Ink', select it down here on my Timeline, let's go to 'Effects Controls', and we can see-- let's do our Position, this way, or that way. We can't really go up and down because it kind of fits in there just. So I'm going to reset it back to normal. You can play around with left to right though, it's up to you.

You might have to do this, just so that you can get some text appearing kind of down the side here. So you're going to have to frame this as well as you can, for-- it's weird, I don't know why the world is rectangular, photographs, video, square seems a much more, I don't know, simple shape. For some reason we don't use it, and everything's just a bit harder to frame in a square. Don't be afraid to play with Scale as well, if you do need to kind of get it framed nicely, you need a lots more space for text, you can kind of like zoom it in.

Obviously the more zoomed you are, the more pixelated it's potentially going to be, but I get pretty rough and ready when it comes to social media, because, I don't know, they never play at full quality anyway, so a little bit of, bit of pixel distortion, there'd be people out there kind of tutting, but it's okay, I'm okay with the tutting. So you could frame it like this. I'm going to set my scale back, and this back, right to the middle, because-- yeah, anyway. We've got it framed, we've got it in, we've dipped to black, let's move on to the next video.