Ice maker on samsung fridge not working

Samsung French door refrigerators are aesthetically pleasing, advanced, and growing in popularity in the appliance market. But when it comes to their ice maker features, there have been some flaws that potential buyers should be aware of before making a purchase. 

Some of the most frequent problems found with Samsung French door refrigerator ice makers include failure to fully freeze ice, failure to dispense ice, and ice maker components freezing over, among others. 

If you would like to learn more about the potential problems you could experience when using a Samsung French door refrigerator ice maker, keep reading. We’re going to highlight common issues and touch briefly upon ways to fix them. Stick around to the end to get answers to FAQs about the cost of replacement, ice maker longevity, and more. 

What Are Samsung French Door Ice Maker Problems?

Common malfunctioning issues with the Samsung French door refrigerator ice maker include the following. Note that some of these issues have relatively simple fixes, whereas others are severe enough to require customers to replace their ice makers altogether. 

  • Ice Maker Freezing Over
  • Failure to Dispense Ice
  • Failure to Fully Freeze Ice
  • Ice Maker Motor Defects 
  • Ice Maker Water Pressure Issues 
  • Making Dirty or Clumped Ice

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Ice Maker Freezing Over

Ice maker on samsung fridge not working

One more common issue with Samsung French door ice makers is that the components tend to ice over and stop the flow of new ice cubes. Some people call this an ice “clog”, while others might simply refer to it as a stuck machine. 

Users frequently note that ice starts to build up on the maker, layering until the components can no longer work. To fix this issue, you might resort to taking the ice maker out of the freezer and letting it completely thaw before re-installing it. But this is only a temporary fix that needs to be repeated over time. 

Samsung at one point issued a Service Bulletin regarding this particular problem, noting that you can take the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Adjusting water line placement
  • Ensuring that the ice route flapper is properly sealed
  • Ensuring that the ice room is sealed with Epoxy
  • Ensuring that the ice bucket is properly sealed
  • Replacing the ice maker assembly 

These fixes are useful if you have certain refrigerator models, including many between RF22-RF34. 

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Failure to Dispense Ice

Ice maker on samsung fridge not working

Because of the issues with the ice maker components freezing over, some users also experience ice makers failing to dispense ice cubes. Many of the troubleshooting suggestions are similar to those for the issue of iced-over components. 

Chances are that the ice maker isn’t dispensing ice cubes because of one or more of the following:

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  • Water drips or sprays in the ice maker blocking the spot where ice dispenses
  • Malfunctioning defrost feature in the cooling loop
  • Frost blocking the air duct
  • Broken auger motor fan
  • Lack of a good seal on the ice route

Failure to Fully Freeze Ice 

In some cases, you might not necessarily have a problem with getting ice to dispense; instead, you may experience ice not forming correctly, appearing cloudy, or forming too small.

In this case, your issue is likely due to incorrect water pressure in the ice maker or dirty water in the line. 

Small cubes are particularly due to low water pressure since the ice maker doesn’t receive enough water before the freezing and dispensing actions take place in the cycle. 

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Ice Maker Motor Defects 

Sometimes, the Samsung French door fridge ice makers fail to work properly because of faulty motors. The auger motors in these machines need to function in order to correctly stir and dispense the ice cubes. 

So, when the motor fails, the machine likely won’t be dropping new ice cubes and will get clogged up. If the motor isn’t completely broken, it might just be that it’s stuck at the moment. 

Ice Maker Water Pressure Issues

If water pressure is the source of your problems, you either won’t be getting new ice or will be getting small or shattered ice cubes. Water pressure gets too low when it starts to fall below 20 psi. You’ll be able to tell if the rest of your ice maker is working, but the ice still isn’t coming out. 

Making Dirty or Clumped Ice 

Another issue customers experience with these ice makers is getting dirty ice or clumpy ice, rather than individual cubes.  This usually occurs when the timing of ice dispensing is out of whack. Further, if you never empty your ice from the storage bucket, it will start to clump together and stop the flow of new ice cubes. 

But if your ice cubes appear to be dirty, you probably need to change yourwater filteror flush out your water line of any possible contaminations.

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Why Is My Samsung French Door Refrigerator Not Making Ice?

Chances are, if your Samsung French door refrigerator ice maker isn’t making ice, you have one of the following problems:

  • Too much ice in the bucket keeping new ice from getting dispensed
  • No water pressure or not enough to make ice cubes
  • Thewater filteris dirty
  • There’s a technical error in the machine 


Luckily, you can easily test water pressure issues yourself. If you can’t dispense at least ¾ cup of water from the fridge in 10 seconds, then the pressure is too low. 

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Next, open the water supply valve and make sure that the line isn’t broken in any way. If it isn’t, the next step is to check and see if the filter could be blocking the flow of water.

You can either remove the filter to see if the pressure increases (if so, replace it), or you can call a professional to increase the pressure for you. 

Ice maker on samsung fridge not working

Final Thoughts 

Samsung French door fridge ice makers are known for experiencing issues with dispensing ice, problems forming full ice cubes, and issues with cloudy or clumped ice. 

You can troubleshoot these problems by maintaining proper water pressure/water filtration and regularly unloading ice from the bucket. 

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FAQs About Samsung French Door Ice Maker Problems

Is there a recall on Samsung refrigerator ice makers?

There have been some class-action lawsuits filed against Samsung regarding their ice makers, with the main complaints regarding ice maker noisiness and lack of cold. However, there still hasn’t been a recall on the product. 

Do all French door refrigerators have ice maker problems?

Depending on the brand of refrigerator you have, the French door design often leads to issues with ice making. This is due to the fact that the freezer and ice bucket sitting below the fridge means that the ice maker components are spread between two sections of the appliance. 

How much does it cost to replace a Samsung ice maker?

The average cost to replace an ice maker is around $400, depending on the model of your refrigerator. This cost includes parts and installation labor. 

How long do Samsung ice makers last?

Refrigerator ice makers typically don’t last as long as the refrigerators do. On average, a Samsung ice maker should last around 5 years, as most ice makers do. However, since these particular ice makers tend to malfunction quickly, they may not last longer than a year before needing significant repairs or replacement.

How do I reset my Samsung refrigerator ice maker?

Resetting your ice maker isn't something you'll typically need to do very often..
Remove your ice bucket so you can get to your ice maker..
Locate the test button. ... .
Press and hold the button until you hear a chime indicating that the test is starting..

Why would an ice maker suddenly stop working?

There are several reasons you may find your ice maker not working all of a sudden, including a blocked water dispenser, issues with your water supply line, or a clogged water filter.

How long does a Samsung refrigerator take to reset the ice maker?

Allow 8 hours for ice production to get back to normal.